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Date: 94/10/26
No. 38-108/ 1322
In His Name
Management Policy
Marun Petrochemical Company, as one of the major manufacturers of petrochemical products, has prioritized constant improvement in all processes through reliance on the experience and knowledge of its expert and intelligent employees to fulfill the Islamic Republic of Iran’s twenty-year prospect which is based on continuous progress, protecting environment, staff, and national wealth, and satisfying customers; the Company holds itself responsible for the following tasks:
Managing efficiency through improving awareness and employees’ motivation and promoting culture of optimization
Making the organization’s activities economic through efficient use of resources and facilities, keeping on production, reducing waste, and efficient use of energy by employing modern technologies and high-efficient products and services
Paying attention to regulations and laws which are related to products, activities, and services of company in accordance to promoting security culture, health, and preventing environmental pollution and consequences of the work, efficient use of energy, identifying and refining risks in organization
Being loyal to the rule of satisfying customer
Systematizing processes of production, distribution, and use of energy to optimize and access to the world standards.
To reach aforementioned goals, colleagues and employees are expected to cooperate with their maximum scientific and professional abilities to perform the management policy
The company is committed to assure the effective performance and constant improvement of management through periodic revising management systems.