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Vice President’s Message
Development and specification of the exact objectives are the most important reasons of success. Targeting is the most important reason of moving and creating future. Ii is aims that determine destination and path of individual and organizational life. Targeting, like drawing a road for the future, is a valuable effort when it is objective-based. An effort without aim is like shooting in darkness. One of the important obstacles to success and prosperity is the inability of people and organizations at specifying objectives. Those without a dream in mind and aim on a piece of paper would end in nowhere. Today, human aims are expressed in societies, organizations, groups and different units of an organization, and each of these groups attempts to make a dimension of human beings come true through internal coordination and cooperation in the course of life and human life. Each of these human groups that works in the course of human path has missions and objectives that explain their existence philosophy. Reaching perfection and progress in all aspects of life are the ideal aims of all these human groups which are revealed in the form of different concepts and terms in different organizations. The organizational missions and objectives in each group serve as general leading the organization’s activities towards the organization’s desired destination. Such objectives at the mission, functional, and practical level are usually defined by those who set goals and they can be varied according to the culture and style of organizational management. How to specify organizational goals and missions, and the level of individual aims are important issues that can play a major role to reach organizational objectives and eventually lead the organization towards success. Likewise, to progress, develop, perfect, and improve organization functions, Marun Petrochemical Company specifies the objectives in 1391 and attempts to reach the entire desirable objectives.