The department under the direction of CEO, responsible for the security and protection of facilities, buildings and forces responsible is as below.

The most important tasks:
1. ensuring compliance with and application of safety standards in all areas, facilities and proposing to the CEO, deputy heads of operating units to choose an appropriate safety standards as well as track deficiencies existing security facilities in public places
2. Continuous review and continual protection strategies and plans and modify them to suit the physical equipment

5. Notification of decisions, guidelines, circulars and regulations to monitor and control operational areas good performance
6. Estimation of the number of security personnel required for each location and facilities and to reflect suggestions to the relevant authorities
7. cooperation and coordination with the Department of Education sent to the company Protective training and assistance to the appropriate institutions to improve the quality of knowledge and awareness of security staff

Overall objectives:
1. The preservation of the sacred system of the achievements c. A. Iran complex
2. The protection of personnel, information and classified documents, facilities and property complex
3. Identify damage, threats and preventive measures (prediction and prevention)
4. The influence of foreign agents and conspiracy against the counter-revolution and create discontent

Detailed objectives:
1. Protection of staff (Staff)
Determining and reviewing sensitive jobs
Create Archive personnel (employees)
Justification protect employees
An investigation ...
Provide environmental information
2. Protection of documents
Issuance of identity cards and travel
Maintenance and protection of encryption keys, key locks photocopiers etc ...
3. Protection of information technology IT
4. Physical protection
Classification of facilities and protection
Preparation and implementation of conservation
Traffic control staff - clients - cars and foreign nationals
Safety and Fire

Security Tips:
1. Secure your mobile and mobile devices
2. Encrypt your laptop and USB drive
3. Wi-Fi network security to precisely monitor and make use of networks
4. regularly backup files and folders containing corporate information

The purpose of execution Manor:

1. Recognize the weaknesses and shortcomings of planning
2. Determine the lack of resources
3. improve coordination
4. The designation and training roles and responsibilities
5. assessment of individual performance
6. The role of the public about the crisis and crisis management
7. Establishing trust and confidence in the field of crisis management
8. Functional Skills Assessment force
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